The BRSA said in a statement that amounts related to FX-protected lira deposits will be published in periodic bulletins as of February 14. According to the statement;


With the relevant articles of the “Law Amending the Private Pension Savings and Investment System Law and Some Laws and Decree Law No. 375” published in the Official Gazette dated 22.01.2022 and numbered 31727, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) dated 21.12.2021 and the Communiqué on Supporting the Conversion of Turkish Lira Deposit and Participation Accounts No. 2021/14, Communiqué on Supporting the Conversion from Gold Accounts to Turkish Lira Deposit and Participation Accounts dated 29.12.2021 and numbered 2021/16. The magnitudes related to this will be shared in the periodic publications of our Institution as of 14.02.2022.”


The statement also shared a table regarding the course of FX-protected TRY deposit and participation accounts as of December 24, 2021, while the total amount in the accounts reached TRY 313 billion as of February 7. The portion of this, supported by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, was converted into foreign currency for 142 billion liras (10.5 billion dollars) of the total amount. The opening of a direct exchange-protected TRY account (not converted from foreign currency) to which the Treasury is loaded. After the currency protected deposit product was first introduced on 20 December, we were following the conversion and conversions from FX on weekly bank statistics. Directly numerically, There were statements by the economy management and President Mr. Erdoğan, before that. The periodic sharing of account sizes by the BRSA will be positive in terms of monitoring and comparison of data.

Kaynak Tera Yatırım-Enver Erkan

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